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We are living in a noisy neighbourhood near a highway where you can hear this annoying and non-stop traffic sound all the time. I am so glad I contacted Euro Windows. The man was so friendly and patient and took the time to explain to me how to sound-proof my house with double-glazed windows. Now, I can have a little peace at my place.

Nick & Melinda

Freelancers - NJ

We love the way these windows look on my house. Also when they are closed, they help keeping my place warm and lower my gas bill at the same time. They are great. Europeans really know how to cut heating bills and keep my house secure. Thank you Euro Windows.

Frank and Jenny

Flower shop owners - Chicago

Thank you Euro Windows for letting me know about uPVC and how secure the windows that are made with this material can be. And, what surprised me was that it really didn’t cost me much more than the usual old style aluminium windows. I’m really glad I chose you guys.

Marty and Hanna

Retired couple from Brooklyn